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Super SOCO specialise in high quality electric powered scooters and mopeds for the Australian market. For years, customers have been crying out for a ‘greener’, and cheaper solution to everyday inner-city commuting. Super SOCO electric scooters and mopeds are the answer, with zero emissions, oils and noise combined with super low charging costs, it’s the perfect solution to inner-city commuting! It’s time to make the switch to a greener, cleaner future!

If you’re after a scooter, the ‘CUx’ is smart, sleek and fun. The new  CUx integrates many intelligent and high-efficiency designs to give you the most enjoyable riding experience. Super SOCO is also the official partner of Ducati during the MotoGP competition worldwide, and they have partnered with them to bring you the CUx Ducati Special Edition!

Finally, our most anticipated high-powered model has just arrived… the TC Max. Capable of speeds of up to 95km/h, the TC Max is the ultimate in electric motion. Check out the TC Max here.

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Super SOCO Electric Scooters & Mopeds